We get others can’t and guarantee the achievement of what you ask through our networking with other companies related to the sector.

But our work doesn’t finish in Morocco: We are covering many cities worldwide with our mentioned networking and offering an exclusive concierge service in destinations like Ibiza, Miami, Marbella, London, Sweden, Madrid, Dubai, New York, Barcelona, Bahamas…

Red Town Luxury Events takes care about you and all your needs offering services like:

  • Personal concierge
  • Family holidays and romantic weekends planning
  • All kind of reservations
  • Last minute reservations in fully booked restaurants, spas, clubs… (Michelin star restaurants, VIP tables, etc)
  • Tickets and access to relevant events in Marrakech and worldwide
  • VIP access to sport events, premieres, limited capacity concerts, VIP packages, events of red carpet…