Graduated in Journalism and Business and Tourism, Nuria Balsas manages Red Town Luxury Events from Marrakech. She has a long professional career in the Spanish media (Television and radio) and also in the areas of Marketing, tourism and event management for many years.

A simple holiday in Marrakech, as you may wish right now, made she fall in love with this city and the singularity of it, wanting to offer something more to those who will come and visit , furthermore by contributing with her knowledge and experience, as well as taking part in the client’ s experiences in order to make them perfect and unforgettable.

Since that moment she formed her small, but competitive and dedicated team, based in Marrakech, but also counting with the collaboration of other professionals of the sector, through strategic point of the most important cities worldwide, in order to offer the best service and advice to their clients and cover all the needs and desires.

At Red Town Luxury Events we organize all kind of events, to plan, design and coordinate weddings and everything you need with our concierge service. We offer Lifestyle Solutions in order, so you could have, as our client, a more comfortable and easy life when you travel or want to enjoy your free time. In the same way, we are connected with the most important capitals so your experience could go outside of the red city and enjoy yourself further.

Our main goal is to understand and take care of you as a customer, because we believe it is one of the most important bases to offer you a good and responsible service.

Our main mission is you and your well-being, as well as your final satisfaction, differentiating us from the rest by the personalized customer care, the empathy with the client and the rigorous professional desire to perceive your happiness about our well done work, when your adventure ends.

However, we have a dedicated team of professionals and associates in order to support all your requirements and advise you on what you need, so that everything is to facilitate your journey with us.

‘The world is for those who choose at any time the best adventure of their life’ and in Red Town we organize your moments and manage the major thing that you have: your time. We want to take care of you in order that you only be worry about enjoying your adventure. We simplify your trips and enrich your life. Easy, without stress. You want it, you have it.

Welcome to Red Town Luxury Events!